Like to save money while you’re helping the environment?

We thought so.


Many of the best “natural” cleaners are pretty expensive, and only available online. So even if you’re willing to pay a premium for one of those cleaners, you’ve got to shell out another $10 or so in shipping and handling charges—just to ship a product that’s mostly water across the country! Crazy, right?

Not to mention that shipping a heavier package (thanks to all that water) consumes more energy and fuel in transit, creating more of an environmental impact. Kind of defeats the purpose of choosing a more environmentally friendly product, doesn’t it?

Trü Cleaner Equation

That’s why Trü is sold as a concentrate designed to be mixed with locally sourced distilled water (available in any corner grocery store, usually for around a dollar or less). Using distilled-quality water is very important, as mixing the concentrate with regular tap water will reduce the product’s cleaning ability.

And because our concentrate makes a full gallon of cleaner, its cost per ounce is much lower than many other “green” cleaners—especially when you factor in their shipping charges.

Convinced yet? Do your wallet and our planet a favor and buy now!