Trü is a powerful, all-natural, multi-purpose cleaner.

Trü is completely safe and non-toxic, and made from 100% food-grade ingredients. And unlike many other cleaners—including many of the supposedly “green” ones—we’re up front with our complete list of ingredients (and even our kids can pronounce them all).

Our Ingredients

Purified water

Trü is made with pure, specially filtered water—and that’s really important.

Botanicals from organic citrus

Specifically, it’s a specially derived, natural extract from grapefruit.

Natural, food-grade carbonates

Including baking soda and sodium carbonate used to raise the water's pH.

That’s it! And perhaps even more important than what we put into Trü is what we DON’T put into Trü—and never, ever will:

NO phosphates

Often used in fertilizers, pesticides and detergents, phosphates produce negative environmental impacts, and are responsible for the overgrowth of algae in our waterways.1

NO sulfates

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) are detergents shown to cause eye or skin irritation in experiments done on animals and humans.2

NO dioxane

Dioxane irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, and may cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys. It’s also a known carcinogen.3

NO bleach

Bleaches can react to generate chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during cleaning applications, some of which are toxic and probable human carcinogens.4

NO ammonia

Considered toxic by inhalation and requires a hazardous safety permit for transport. Highly toxic to aquatic animals, and therefore classified as dangerous for the environment.5

NO alcohol

Vapors irritate the respiratory tract and cause eye irritation. Skin contact may cause irritation with redness and pain. Prolonged exposure or ingestion produces narcotic effects.6

NO fragrances

Fragrances increase cleaners’ total dissolved solids, which can inhibit cleaning ability. The oils left behind often streak surfaces, and can irritate users’ sensitivities or trigger allergies.

NO dyes

Dyes increase cleaners’ chemical complexity and total dissolved solids (TDS), which can inhibit the product’s cleaning ability, and can even stain porous surfaces.

Even beyond the ingredients list, Trü is an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free product. Our bottles are recyclable and BPA-free, and the cleaner is never tested on animals.

Bottom line: you can feel confident knowing that Trü is safe enough to use virtually anywhere—even around kids and pets—and it’s much better for the environment than traditional cleaning products. But best of all, it cleans amazingly wellfind out how it works or buy now!

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