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“As a new momma, my already kindled desire to use sustainable, non-toxic products became a roaring fire. I've found what I was looking for. Hallelujah!”
— Alison L.
“Definitely a superior product to my vinegar, water and Castile soap! Really an impressive product in terms of performance. Cuts through grease and bathtub grime easily.”
— Anne S.
“I love your product! Even my skeptical husband liked it after he saw how clean the windows are and how the carpet stains are gone!”
— Wendy N.
“As a survivor of head and neck cancer I am very careful about products I use at home. I found using Trü to be so easy and such a joy—love the results!”
— Nancy W.
“Two large orange stains on my carpet had been there for years. Nothing got them out. I just covered them with a couch! Until today when I decided to try Trü and was shocked when the spots came up EASILY. I love this stuff!”
— Tyana O.
“I have severe reactions to fragrances: stuffy nose, sneezing and all. I love that I can get the house truly clean without any irritation to my nose or skin.”
— Becky B.
“Trü does a fantastic job and it is safe for children and pets!”
— Dorene J.
“No residue, no perfumes or odors, no rinsing, no streaking. These features add up to one big YES for Trü cleaner in our home!”
— Kevin K.
“It works better than advertised, and with so many surfaces in the house, it’s great to have one cleaner that manages it all.”
— Jon C.
“I was surprised how well it worked on stainless steel!”
— David V.
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